The life of a mother with five girls and how Tuberous Sclerosis taught us to give it our all

Welcome to I’m glad you found me!!
(formerly MY5GIRLS.COM)

Hello! My name is Bobbi. I am the mother of 5 beautiful girls, Bailynn, Isobel, Arwyn, Lila & Naomi and married to the most amazing husband in the world (His name is Bob, you just giggled didn’t you – it’s ok, we’ve heard it all!). No really, he is the best! He has to live with a lot of women, so what do you expect?! I am also the mother of 5 dogs and I will tell you right now they are our family. You can laugh, you can judge. These are my fur-babies. You will read a lot about them in my blog posts, but mainly you will read about Bailynn.

I went to school for Journalism and WebDesign. I have, over the years, written a parenting column, written a children’s book, done freelance writing for magazines, graphic design, hand illustrated stationery, freelance web design, branding for businesses, marketing materials and much more, but my favorite job of all is raising my children.

I started a Design Company, 5PinkPeonies LLC, where I sell hand illustrated graphic art, invitations, jewelry, bags, signage and well, just about anything I can put my work on! I do logos and marketing materials. I just love graphic design and graphic art. I reopened my EtsyShop, after years of it laying dormant and I have been elated by the response. I can’t thank everyone enough for their love and support in this endeavor. I find therapy in what I do. My designs have traveled near and far, been featured in magazines, on national blogs, and that is truly uplifting for me.

I also do personalized clothing through my Zazzle store and am happy to create a unique piece for anyone just message me. I do this through Zazzle because their quality far surpasses what I can create at home.

I also have the pleasure of doing graphic work for non-for-profits like Honor Dogs of Evansville, I have worked with the Posey County Community Foundation, I’ve created one-of-a-kind t-shirts for fundraising campaigns, and worked with Hangers of EVSC. I love that I can contribute my skills to such amazing organizations doing good in our community.

Boring is not a word that is used around here. I’m not simple. I’m obviously tired and overrun with little girls. Right?! How do I do all this? Where do I find time? It is there, I promise! I get told my hands are full – a-lot! I should start a collection jar for every time it is said! $$$

My life is abundantly filled with little girls, I will give the onlookers that one observation, but I find my life simple. I cry, I worry, but mostly I live.  Our family  has one simple philosophy for life “you can give in, you can give up…..or you can give it your all.” We choose to give it our all. I choose joy in the gloom and my family above all. I find that having a positive mind set can make your world better. No, all my days are not sunshine and daisies. Most are filled with phone calls to doctors and changing the diaper of my 18 year old daughter. Most days I see seizures and find strength in my team…you can read about them in the My5Girls Blog. Most days I spend too much time in my kitchen,  laundry room or sitting at the dinning room table doing lessons with my girls (we homeschool – I should mention that) oh, or drawing.  I do a lot of drawing!

Every day I feel like I get to have my oldest daughter for one more day – that is the gem – that is the reason to go on and put a smile on. Every day I get to see my girls grow kinder, bigger, smarter, and full of knowledge that most kids can’t touch.

I have the best people around me helping me through the rougher days. The ones with bad reports and doctors that are only trying to do their jobs.

If you want to get a glimpse of a little chaos and a lot of love – here it is…for all to see, check out my blog. You may even have to cry a little with me too.

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