It’s 2019! And, it is almost over! Shame Shame on me. I swear I have sat down to post. I have typed out sentences and deleted them.
I have started paragraphs and sighed as I close out the window without saving them.
I get overwhelmed by posts sometimes. My emotions run so high. I want to cry, scream, cry again, RANT and just simply tell the world our story.
Today I am not going to delete those sentences. I am going to give you the full 2019 update. Here we go.

Bai is doing ok. Yes, ok. I use ok, because GREAT, is a lie. Good, ok, I could use that too. She has had 2 more collagen injections this year. We have been to Indy (or Cincinnati) at least 2-3 times a month – every month – all year. Her seizers are relatively the same, her health – same. Her screaming fits – …….same! *sigh*.

She got a lift this year, for our vehicle. It is pretty rocking cool. Just saying. I don’t have to lift her lazy booty up into the van any more, or her chair lol! We always tease she is super lazy here at our house. You know, the princess type, “Fetch me my drink, peel my grapes!” We keep it light here, to stay sane.

So the lift is awesome – people who park in handicap spots SUCK! Ok, I will rant about that later.

Onto the next crazy. Naomi and Lila turned 11 in February. The twins are 11! Crazy Right!??? I mean, Bai is 19, Is is almost 17, Arwyn just turned 14. Where does the time go????? Sucked through a vacuum. Just gone. My babies are growing TOO FAST!

So, the twins – We went for their routine shots and check up, then ran routine bloodwork. Well, Naomi failed said bloodwork. Naomi had a really really really low White blood count. So, we repeated 4 weeks later. Uh, lower. Shut up right! 4 weeks later – LOWER! STOP! STOP THIS! Long story short, this went on for months. Till the end of July when we got in with a Hematologist at Riley (who is awesome). Naomi, for the foreseeable future, will be seen by Hematology there. Till we can basically figure out, why her WBC is so crazy low. It did have a slight increase the last time drawn. Which is good. I think she was jelly that Bai was getting all the doctor attention. Haha. No really, it is scary. They don’t think it has anything to do with cancer. Could be she got a really bad virus that her body was struggling to get rid of. Could be the early early signs of an autoimmune issue. Could be all kinds of nutty scary things. Naomi, taking it like a champ. Is it sad to say that we go to these kinds of specialists so much, that this seems normal. Ugh. It does. YUCK. Our normal is so weird – and fabulous. So keep her crazy WBC in your prayers if you could. We’d rather not have any of these scary issues be a real outcome. We’d prefer that this is just some strange fluke and she had a virus. Time will tell, but we have specialists following it.

Back to my handi rant! Ok, so let’s get on board here. My family has parked in handicap parking for years. I can’t remember when Bai got her tag, but it was a while after we got her wheelchair. I felt guilty using it. GUILTY. Like she wasn’t handicap enough. Or, maybe cause it said she was. I don’t know, but for a long time I really didn’t use it. As she got bigger and her chair got bigger, I needed the space. JUST THE SPACE. The spot could be at the back of the lot – around the side of the store – anywhere, but they are in the front I DON’T CARE! I just need those stupid little hash lines to get her in and out safely.

Society thinks I am getting special treatment. Society treats these spots like they are the golden gems of the parking lot. Do they understand why people have handicap tags?? No! Cause it seems ANYONE can get them. Ok, don’t get me wrong, I know – first hand – that there are “invisible” handicaps. Autism. That’s one. People in early stages of all kinds of disorders. Hip replacements. I get it. I understand. I NEED THE LINES! Wheelchair PEOPLE need the lines!!! So, why don’t we make special spots with lines, and other spots, still handi, without them. Wait!???? OH MY GOSH – WE DO! But the world doesn’t see it and DOESN’T care! So, that little GEO PRISM parked in the Van spot – smh – thinks its totes cool to do so. NO, NO, NO! PLEASE WORLD! HEAR MY CRY! Stop. Be thankful you don’t have accessible equipment. Be thankful, you don’t need a lift of any kind in your vehicle. Be grateful that you can stand on YOUR 2 FEET! Do you know how many people wish and pray for this.

Don’t expect me to move my van. With my handicap child sitting in the parking lot. Don’t expect me to not report you. Do not expect to NOT TAKE YOUR PICTURE and post it all over social media. I also have download the Parking Mobility App. Our local law enforcement doesn’t have affiliation with it yet, but if enough local people start using it, we can get them to! WE CAN!! Join the team. Call these people out!

I even tagged a local News Reporter in my post about it. She shared it. So many comments. So many people, like us, struggling! We have to educate the community. We have to stand up for others like Bai. Some are out there alone! Trying to get by – alone! Let me stress this. This can’t continue.

Ok, so you are sitting there telling me “Call the Cops” – “Have them towed” Right?! That’s what you think right!? Nope, most local parking lots are private. Those signs are basically there for looks. Only the business can call the cops. Only the business can call the tow truck. Most of those businesses would rather page the “guest” ( cough – violator) and wait for them to MOVE THEIR VEHICLE. While I wait. With all my kids, maybe an appointment I am late for. Come on. If this effected you, what would you do? So I am going to scream from the mountain tops till I am heard. Cause Bai can’t and others are being too compliant. Not this lady. I am here to cause chaos. I am even in the process of creating a local FB page to help share and teach. HERE IS THE LINK! 

Rant far from done, but for now I will leave it at that.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 11.04.38 AM.pngHandicap Parking Awarness Cards JPEF 2.jpgHandicap Parking Awarness Cards JPEG 1.jpg

Here is a Printable Handicap postcards PDF version of these Postcards. Feel free to print and put on violators windshields. I also can print them for you. Please just message me.

So there is 2019, in a very tiny nut shell. There is more. There is always more, but this what I have to share today.

Al always.

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