A tired caregiver in a pandemic

I am a caregiver of a vulnerable adult during a pandemic. This job is not an easy job without a pandemic. It involves diapers, medications, purée foods, equipment, lifting, cleaning, hygiene, record keeping, and time – lots of time and this all leads to mental and physical fatigue. Not because I don’t love it, not… Read More

Mr. Ferstel

Sorry this is long, bear with me. I haven’t been on here for a bit. For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in a little town in southern Indiana, just east of Evansville, Indiana, called Newburgh. Though I haven’t lived out there in years and I have lived more of my life… Read More

HAMMONDS’ Home Addition 2018 COMPLETE!

* This is why I haven’t posted much this year. You will understand as you read.  We have been busy. In 2001, the year Bai had the left side of her brain removed, we built our home. Sticks and Stones. We broke ground in late spring and move in at Halloween. We picked a plan… Read More

A Change in the Wind

Good News. I often think of those 2 words as the least used words in my vocabulary in conjunction with one another. Great News! Hahahaha! Yah, those words are like big foot around here. Never seen and seemingly impossible to be real. So, how in 2 weeks time could Bailynn be showered with “Good News”?… Read More

Radio Silence

I think this spring hit me a little harder than I had anticipated. My facebook stream started filling up with happy graduates; children Bai’s age. My feed had post after post of college visits and acceptance letters with smiling families – proud parents. My heart ached. Graduation cards started arriving in the mail and I… Read More