Well, here I am joining the blogging world – could be the beginning of the end?! This is an attempt to share the spirited life of having 5 girls, one with special needs, and the creative ways we find joy. I love sitting and reading blogs. Mostly to muse over ideas and future projects I can rope my husband into doing with me. He’s a good sport about most of it. Living with 6 women, he has to be. We have a chaotic life that we tend to see as blissful and peaceful. To others looking in, we seem like complete crazy people. My house if overrun with little girls, bows, oh and by the way we have 4 Jack Russell Terriers, and PINK. There is quiet here, I swear. I even still find time to sew and dream up new renovations. We live a simple life and here I can share some of the things I love most. I hope the future of blogging is bright for me and possibly this girl from Indiana with a house full of love can share it with the world out there.

Me and my 5 girls

Photo taken in Clearwater Beach

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