49 days.

Surgery has been scheduled for April 24th, at Riley Children’s Hospital ( Happy birthday to my sis-in-law on that day, hopefully that is good luck for Bai 🙂 ). That being said, we have a lot of tests to go through before this is in stone, but we have it on the calendar so we can plan and arrange work, dogs, and life.

How do I feel about this?
The date can’t come soon enough and I hope it never arrives. We hate that Bai has to go through this AGAIN!!!

How does Bai feel about this?
She knows something is up. We are traveling too much. Too many people are messing with her. This is a sure sign that bad days are to come.

The process:
We have secured lodging in Indianapolis for the week – thanks to some truly amazing friends. They are basically family and have provided us some financial respite and space for our family.

Bai is to be in hospital prison for 10 days (worst case). It will feel like eternity.

We meet plastic surgery March 17 and have another CT scan. On March 30 with have a CT with contrast that will require us being Riley for over 9 hours. Bai has to have IV fluids 6 hours prior and 2 hours post. I’m tired just thinking about it. April 12th we see her cardiologist to get the ok from him and then surgery.

We are also having to clear some nutrition hurdles. Bai is skinny – we all know this – and this new doctor doesn’t know her so he requested a lot of nutrition tests. Bai’s dietitian, Beth, (one of my best friends in the world) came and poked at her and did her analysis of her diet and such. Bai was not so sure about this new relationship and threw some ugly looks Beth’s way. She is a “no touchy” kinda girl. Haha.

Bai eats almost 3000 calories a day – insert shock and awe here! – and is still crazy stupid skinny!  We are making a few dietary adjustments to get her vitamin D up and a  little more protein prior to surgery. Her iron and zinc are low, even with her absurd consumption. I shake my head. What more could we do? She is just skinny!! So, this dr better get on board with it! 🙂

After surgery we will be trapped at home for a bit with a very mad Bai – we will not blame her – I’d be furious with me as well.

Prayer requests:
This surgery goes off without a hitch and we get this solved for FOREVER!!
Bai heals quickly with minimal pain.
We ALL survive our stint incarcerated.
Summer comes and Bai is well enough to enjoy it!!
Please pray this surgery doesn’t cost a fortune! No really, we never really know!
Pray that we don’t end up in the hospital all 10 days – 7 days is best cause scenario.
Just pray – really there is little more we could ask for.

Let the countdown and prep continue.

For Her.

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