She’s been back for about 2 hours now. A nurse has not come to update yet, but we do know that they got her to go to sleep easily with no issues. We are all sitting in a waiting room. Other families are scattered throughout, with about the same expressions on their face. I did my best to keep it together as they wheeled Bai away this morning, turning my tears so the girls couldn’t see. I don’t want their hearts to worry as much as mine. I simply can’t image a world without my raspberry blowing, teeth grinding, rattle playing, dirty look throwing girl. I could have snatched her from the bed and ran out the front door, but I saw her back again as we were putting on her surgery gown and I know this is a must.

Nurse just showed up – they have not cut as of when she saw her last, about to start. Breath held. Hours to go.

They have a coffee machine here – I’m 3 deep. At what time does it change to wine???? I’ll take red or white. Just sayin’!

For Her

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