IT HAS BEEN A WEEK SINCE SURGERY! A date we dreaded and Praise God, it has come and gone.

Friday morning Bailynn got her last drain removed from her back and she got to come home!! We were thrilled at this! Not only did her eating improve once we got home, but her mood did as well. There is absolutely something to be said about being home.

Our family spent the weekend trying to recoup sleep and find our new groove for the next few weeks. The storms that rolled through did not help!

Yesterday we had to change her bandage, clean the incision and re-bandage it. She also got to get cleaned up! Her hair doesn’t look hospital disgusting any more! This all went surprisingly well and she tolerated me removing a ridiculous amount of sticky bandaging from her back. Her dirty looks were in full force, but no screaming or crying!

Bailynn’s pain management is also something we are always concerned about. She once again shows us just how amazing she is by going longer and longer stretches between doses. She went all night last night, sound asleep, with no pain meds. I don’t know how, I’d be in intense suffering mode.

Today I’m going to try to get caught up on house work and work. Bob got to return to work and get caught up on all the chaos that happened last week with a piece of equipment being damaged. It is nice to fall back into routine.

We are still waiting on return dates to Riley for post op. We have to go back on May 16 for ophthalmology. Her plastic surgeon has to remove her staples in the OR in 5-7 weeks now. Our running up and down the highway has not stopped …. nor does it feel like it will in the near future.

For Her


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