Where did September and October go?! It seems to have zipped right by. We closed our pool, headed to Disney, we got Guardianship of Bailynn (eye roll here) and have now embarked on painting our home (our 2 story ceiling home, and I have discovered today that I am terrified of scaffolds – just NOPE) . It seems like so much less written down, but has been so much!

Bailynn has done ok. Her back is just still not great. The worst part of hardware right now is in her neck area. I take the girls to Indy Wednesday to have it looked at and to visit the dentist up there. I am hoping another round of collagen injections will do the trick in helping, but I want it to be the last. I am kinda over it. I am ready for rest from her back, as is she. She also is so going to get a steroid injection in her hip, at the end of November, to attempt to help alleviate discomfort; her hip is displaced and rubbing bone on bone.

Disney was fabulous. The girls loved every minute and had an extra special time with their Aunt Anna joining us. It is the one place I can see the joy in Bailynn’s eyes as we drag here from here to there. Magical.

We got guardianship! It was quick and fairly simple, besides the person having to come and interview us in our home to make sure we were a good fit for Bai as guardians…….uh………what? We were *whew*, thanks for letting us know! We were unsure (please read that as pure sarcasm, I mean COME ON!). We went to court October 12, her September hearing was postponed and it was in and out. Crazy quick. We now have 3 crisp copies to prove it and life goes on like nothing happened. Silly.

I feel like a robot writing this, so a-matter-of-fact, but in reality I am just tired of painting haha! So here I am, updating you! Exhausted.

There will be more to say, but I must get back to painting. I know a lot of people had been waiting for an update! I do apologize for the delay. I often feel like everything is such blah bad news. Bai’s back looks awful, Bai’s hip hurts, Bai still can’t take her meds, Bai needs her VNS replaced, Bai had too many seizures the other day. I find the positive is yay guardianship and woohoo, Disney!

Bai, she loves to keep it lively!

For Her.
Bobbifor website, family photo.png

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