Bailynn finally got to sit up in her chair for a small amount of time the other night. She loved it! She giggled and waved her toys about. She blew raspberries and smiled from ear to ear!!! She was so excited to be out of her bed and playing. She got to watch me change bed sheets, how exciting!
So being stuck in the house isn’t great for grocery shopping. Yesterday we were out of EVERYTHING!! Shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, dog food, food food, condiments (cause that’s not food food). I had to run to Target! I had the small idea of taking Bai out and going with all the girls. I had Isobel take a look at Bailynn’s back. She got the final vote. No. Isobel is 12 and she knows that the littlest mistake could hurt and set Bailynn back further. So I waited for Bob to get home and made the run! Less than an hour in and out – that is near impossible for Target! Cause Target is our favorite and our BEST!! Tonight Schnucks is calling and it says COME GET FOOD FOOD!!! I hear you schnucks and wish I could load Rocket full of 5 little girls and come – soon.
Bailynn has been super fussy in her bed. I think her taste of freedom gave her the itch to GET OUT! I don’t blame her – 3 weeks! 3 Miserable WEEKS!! Maybe by next weekend she will be ready to roll. Her back is still so swollen. The leakage has tapered, but protruding of her rods is frightening. Sad. Pray for more days up and out and more time sitting. Baby steps. We don’t want a set back. Here is her biggest smile in her fuzzy green chair from the other night! She was so happy. It heals my heart and give us all hope.

Side note: Blue Angels are making us CRAZY!!!

For Her.

IMG_4829I had some fun drawing today. Free PDF download  HERE “Love Wheelchair“. Just for Fun! All for Bailynn!!

Love Wheelchair JPEG

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