The last 2 weeks and 3 days have lasted for over a month, I am certain of it. Looking at the destruction out our windows, constantly calling insurance and dealing with adjusters, has been an exhausting ordeal. This is nothing like dealing with Bailynn’s medical insurance stuff. We have finally received a number for our settlement. Our home damages were heavily depreciated. Some items value will barely cover materials to replace with no labor. Others won’t even cover the materials. Our builder is reviewing the numbers to negotiate pricing next week. The next step in this calamity.
Example: Bailynn’s window, that is busted and will cost over $500 to re-glass with no labor (it is a larger picture glass, double paned window), was allotted $58 to reglaze. Really. Really!?
After an ongoing battle for our pool and hot tub, which I want to give the hugest shout out and thank you to Fire Master Pools on the East side. I can’t image us ever winning this war without them. If you need or want a pool, go there – ask for Jody. They have your back. I took them a cookie tray from Piece of Cake Friday cause I simply can not thank them enough for all they have done for us! Insurance did depreciate the pool, and the hot tub. Weirdly by different percentages with literally no rhyme or reason. Money lost.  Spa City helped us in the fight for our hot tub. Even though we had bought our tub from Rex the Hot Tub King, who has a field full of hot tubs to purchase and refurbishes them to new. Rex has maintained our tub and is the nicest guy. He had even came out and fixed just 2 weeks before this happened! We’d hoped he’d have another one like ours. Jeff at Spa City provided us with accurate info for the insurance as to its value and replacement tub. We had no idea we had a specialty custom tub. It was 8×10 – rare. Who knew!? We loved our tub, but sadly its demise will leave it to be scrapped for parts. We are looking forward to replacing these items by the end of this week!

SO, here is the plan for the next week. 1st, pray the insurance check comes SOON!

Monday & Tuesday: Work on moving dirt that settled around the pool wall, cleaning out under our deck and cleaning up area for pool installation.

Wednesday: Remove old hot tub. We are giving it back to Rex for him to scab parts off  it.  This saves us removal and disposal fees. Begin rebuild of pergola over hot tub area to get our lights and such back up.

Thursday: REMOVE DECK FOR POOL INSTALLATION and re-tarp under deck. This is basically removing all upper deck boards and a few “banding” boards that run along the side of the pool – well, where it was. We have removed the old pool cause it was breeding mosquitos by the millions I believe!  This also saved us a few hundred dollars.

Friday: 8:30 Pool installation, Hot Tub Delivery, and begin re-skinning top of deck after pool is in. Bob Will be off work this day, so we will be doing work during the day.

Saturday: Deck and Pergola building to complete these jobs and hopefully let the girls swim by Sunday or Monday!

We will start work every night around 5Pm and wrap up hopefully by 8Pm, Monday thru Thursday. Friday we will be at it all day, Bob is taking off. Saturday as well.  If you are free and can come and help, we would love some assistance. We have diligently been doing repairs alone and with the help of our parents. This morning we put in over 4 hours of moving debris and getting them piled and ready for a dumpster before the heat really set in.

We would like to thank everyone who came to help with tree cutting and removal those first 3 days. We couldn’t have achieved what we have without you. There is so much more to do to get things back.

For Her.


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