It has been over 80 days, or 11 weeks, a little over 2 months, since a tree landed on our house and yard. Everything is fixed, except our roof and siding. We have been told that we are on the schedule for the end of this week, beginning of next. Fingers crossed! It has taken insanely long to get this done!

Bob and I worked like two people have never worked before to rebuild what we had lost. What took us 2 years of building each project one at a time took a matter of weeks to rebuild. I don’t know how. We melted. For real. We would take turns coming inside to shower and change clothes to just start it all again. We worked from early in the morning till dark fell and we could barely see what we were doing. We only stopped to eat, sleep or shower. The children watched as devastation became rebirth, bumps along the way, insurance making our lives miserable, and tears, but we did it. We were able to reschedule Bailynn’s sweet 16 and celebrate, I was able to participate in my first ever craft show, we were able to continue even with a mess before us. Here are some of the images of the rebuild.

The girls even swam as we worked and trudged on in the rebuild process. This was slightly evil of them, since their parents were melting and dying, but they had a lot of fun! They are why we worked so hard!

I want to take a minute and thank everyone who came and helped us along the way. We had such an amazing team of friends and family who helped with different things when they could and we completely understood that not everyone had the time or ability. Thanks also to those who contributed in other ways, just cause you didn’t swing a hammer, didn’t mean your help didn’t go unnoticed! On a side note, we have never ran through waters as fast as we did while rebuilding. Sams Club for sure had an upsurge in water sales from us!

So it is almost over the the tree-tastrophe of 2016 will go in the history books once the siding and roof are repaired back to their former perfect state. We have a lot of tree stuff to still do, but we wanted fall to come prior to trudging into our forest area. We also have a lot of yard repair work, but again there is a time for that. The main destruction is fixed. Insurance was a beast. We have learned a lot along the way. I hope to never have anything like this happen to us again.

Bailynn:  Oh, I’m not forgetting her! She is doing really well. Those rods have been gone now for 6 months! Really! She has looked awesome, besides the curve, we will come back to that. She has been in an amazing mood all summer. She tolerated our long repair days and her sisters kept movies rolling for her. She had a fabulous birthday party with tons of guests and she did wonderfully. She has sang and ate and swam. She has been happier than I have seen her in a long time. But, the curve, we can’t win….remember. Someone said to me over the last few weeks. “You’d have no luck if it weren’t for bad luck.” No lie.  Bai’s curve has increased 15degrees since the rods were removed. So 15degrees in 6 months. This stinks. The curve is coming from an area of her spine that is compromised from 2 previous back surgeries. These surgeries occurred when she was a tiny baby and were to remove a fatty lipoma that was imbedded in her spine. Her neurosurgeon had to actually shave the bone which made that part of her spine weak. This is where the curve is. This is where her back will have to fight. This is where we watch with batted breath and pray like crazy for it to STOP!!!!!!!!!! REALLY!!! STOP!!!! For the love of pete! STOP! I am exhausted. Bob is exhausted. Dear Lord, cut our baby girl a break. Please!

So my next post won’t take a million years to make – I  promise! We have been busy, can you tell. We have been crazed. I had the opportunity to do a second craft event a few weeks ago and had a huge positive response to my work. I was excepted into Purchase With A Purpose Craft Show in Al, in November and the Castle Craft Show in December. My little business has grown leaps and bounds all during our most insane time. I’m thankful. Now back to real life – I have so much more to update, but I will save it for another day!

For Her.

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