Doctors tend to not believe us when we tell them how amazing Bai is – no really – they don’t. They see the frail little girl in a wheelchair. They see the chart full of blah, not the warrior before them. Blind.

This morning, when this all began, we were told by multiple surgery staff members that Bai was going to have to have a blood transfusion during this surgery. I told them how that had never been the case in the past. I told them she did amazingly through surgeries. Again, disbelief.

UPDATE: All the screws are in, the rods are going in now. She is doing really well and…….SHE HAS LOST NO BLOOD! I told them! 🙂 She rocks. A mighty oak in a pine box body. She is the master of defeating all odds and blasting through misconceptions.

She is now nearing closure. Please continue to pray for the breathing tube to come out with no issues. Also, there was some trouble putting the catheter in, though we begged them to not do this since she is so prone to urinary infections, and we are hoping they did not hurt her pee pee area, cause folks, Bai gets super peeved when the pee hurts!

Ok, that’s all for now. Hopefully we get to see her soon and then we are on the upward swing!


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