They closed for hours.

The Unicorn doctor came out and talked to us, a while ago. She did really well through out the procedure. They did decide to give her blood, though she only lost around 200cc. She has naturally low blood count cause of her bittiness. They are still harping about there vitamins and diet – UGH!!! Hardware went in easily, no issues. She should head to a normal room tonight and forgo ICU. Plastic just finished and we got to meet with both surgeons only a moment ago. She had a lot of scar tissue, which resulted in staples down her back, this is a small punch in the gut to me. The doctors explanation of why was sound, but I still hate them. Bai is not paper, but there was so much going on that he felt it was the safest option. They will have to remain in for 6-8 weeks!

We will get to see her in about 45 mins, then we will head to a room. I’m a hospital inmate with her tonight. Hopefully we both sleep better tonight than last night, being tormented with anticipation. I know Bob and the girls will. We all had a very sleepless night last night.

Our family has sat in a nooked out corner of the waiting room. The girls have relaxed playing games and reading. We are one of only 2 families left here. The day has seen many others come and go, some quick, not us. The anticipation of leaving is seen in all their faces. Everyone wants to see sissy. When we do, I’ll post a pic if I can!

For Her

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