Christmas  has come and gone and we made it through with Bailynn’s back still holding together. We had so many wonderful experiences despite the chaos and crisis that was Bailynn. Here is what happened.

Christmas Eve arrived with many a tasks at hand. Company coming, baking, cleaning, gifts, and Christmas so close. The girls were on edge. Their joy helps to find a little of mine. Their cheer helps to bring love and laughter to the rooms they fill, more than they could know.

We go about our day and the time comes that we would typically start, to get all gussied up, to head to Biaggi’s. Sad little girls put on their lovely dresses, but they still understand. Isobel and I hit the road to go and pick up our Home-Aggi’s (our name for it). We arrived out at Biaggi’s just a little after 3:30 and there in the lobby is a team of staff members waiting for us! Waiting to carry a mass amount of items out to Bob’s toaster, for us! The manager, our Christmas miracle giver, Sonya, comes up and gives me the biggest hug. I am not a huge hugger, but I welcome this expression of respect and Christmas spirit. Wallet in hand, card pulled out, I ask what the total is and prepare to pay the bill. Sonya will not have it. The bill is handled. Our family is receiving a gift from the staff at Biaggi’s and they just can’t know how precious of one it was. I was too stunned to cry, too stunned to really say much of anything.  I thanked her and thanked the staff as they paraded the Biaggi’s in-a-box out to toaster. Isobel and I sat in toaster and relished in the moment and what had just happened for a moment, then we drove to get cough drops for me from Target (luster lost – I’ve been coughing my head off for days and my throat killing me). We head back home with dishes and Biaggi’s rattling in the back of the vehicle. Still too stunned for speech. This is our Christmas tradition. We always enjoy this little outing. I still feel guilty for not being able to give this experience to the girls. Then we arrive home and set the table. Biaggi’s didn’t lie, we had absolutely everything to make this home experience. They even labeled the plates as to which dish was to be served in it!! We turned on our TV to the “fireplace” movie (haha), Biaggi’s has a fireplace. We have a gas one, but it has never worked and it makes our fire alarms wail every time we try to use it and our upper flour smell of gas – not good. So, the TV fireplace. I should add, Bob’s sister Anna, has for several years joined us in this tradition and she came to Home-Aggi’s to carry on the tradition as well. Her, Bob, and I played servers and guests. Dinner went off with out a hitch, and much to my surprise, the girls expressed how much fun they had! They even thought that maybe being at home was more fun! Biaggi’s truly gave us a gift that we can not repay, but we can share. What an amazing restaurant and business to go above and beyond for our family. The only thing the night was missing was Bailynn sitting next to her family. She, of course, had to remain in her bed.

Thank you Biaggi’s! If you or your family go to Biaggi’s in the next few months, please be sure to thank them for us as well!

So, Christmas arrived and Bailynn got through. Her back is ever so slightly better. The swelling has not went down a lot, but the discoloration and the opened wound is leaking less and less. Bailynn has only left new cloud-fluff bed to shower, have her sheets replaced, and placed back in. This has been our routine and will till we are confident that sitting will not cause harm.

2016 is days away. May it bring relief and less grief. May it be just the year we need. This year has brought so many long days, weeks and months. No repeats!!

For Her.

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