First I will update on Bai. She is doing fabulous. She is tolerating life, her back is healing. Her spirits are up. She is eating well and sitting ok-ish (considering). We get her back and hand brace this week and we head to Cincinnati for check ups on her kidneys and liver. I’m going to end my Bai update there……

I don’t often get to do an update and just simply brag on my husband. Since Bai got home from surgery, over a month ago, we began drawing up the plans for an outdoor bar and grill area. We have wanted something and went through many many plans online. We finally found one that spoke to us; then we completely changed it – haha! I’ll link below the plan that got us off the ground and explain a bit how we altered it.

Bob is amazing at building things. It is a great gift having to live with me, no really! The poor guy comes home to my cockamamy ideas all the time. “Can you build this?” “Can you tweak that?” “Can you make magic?” (the girls and I painted their room today, we saved him that project!)  He may listen to me through slit eyes with one hand to his temple, but most of the time, he gets on board. I really need to post past project on here. His head may grow three sizes! He really is awesome at this stuff….you will see in the photos below. Here is the progression of our fabulous outdoor bar  and grill area that my husband has been building at night and on the weekends for weeks. He has had late nights, long days and little rest. His due diligence and craftsmanship shines through in the finished product. We are looking forward to enjoying this for many years to come! Check it out!

IMG_0112IMG_0114IMG_0113IMG_0115IMG_0119IMG_0126IMG_0121IMG_0124IMG_0125IMG_0128IMG_0131IMG_0132IMG_0136IMG_0133IMG_0140IMG_0135IMG_0129IMG_0130IMG_0131 (1)IMG_0112 (1)IMG_0111IMG_0112 (1)IMG_0114 (1)IMG_0117

Isn’t is awesome! We used a plan we found on Lowe’s Website. We did not use the 16″ stepping stones, we used 12″ and had to alter all dimensions by 4″.  We made ours an L shape and took out the posts and bars, because we wanted ours to function from both sides. That is plan that got us off and running though. I just had to share. Bob can make magic! See! 🙂

For Her (and the luckiest wife in the world),

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