Most everyone who hops on here realizes how much I enjoy drawing. I have many of my pieces featured here, on fb, and for sale in my Etsy Shop, but most of you don’t know how each and every piece I create has a story. Like most I seek inspiration for what to draw next. I love florals and happy colorful things. I really like nature and birds. I enjoy drawing steampunk because of its fun fantasy like qualities. I can get time warped into my iPad sketching and making sure every tiny detail is meaningful and artful. If you really look at the drawing I did of my girls at the “Grown Up Tea Party” you’ll see Sylvia in Bai’s hand and much more. I noted my little details that mean so much to me.
Tea party with details.png
If you came to my home, you would find little birds in just about every room. I just love them. So, when looking for inspiration the other day, I began with the thought of being caged, trapped. Why? We have long days here sometimes. We have really great days too, but there are some days that just fill me with a funk that I can’t shake. I get incredibly emotionally attached to Bailynn’s happiness. I get heart broken by seizures and tears. If she is having a good day, I am too. If she is not, I’m not.  It was a trapped day. There was something in her eyes that felt strangled and kept from the surface. For a bit of respite I sat down to draw some little birds on a  branch with floral and pretty happy colors. There is something very free about them. They are able to soar the skies. How marvelous. If only Bai could break out of her cage, and soar like the privileged little birds. She’s my caged bird, I dislike caged birds. Empty cages make me happy. I really like empty cages. There is a sense of opportunity, to me, in an empty cage. This world, Tuberous Sclerosis, Epilepsy, these are cages. Evil, not cute, cages. I take joy in knowing Bai has good happy days in her cage. She tries so hard to let us know what she wants, needs, and dislikes. Some days you can see her rattling the cage door more and trying to make us see. No matter her cage, she lives life so happily when she feels well. There is such perseverance in her. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons. This girl makes the best of all her situations. So for her, happy free birds.
I guess I just really wanted to share what every little creation means to me. I draw from my heart, from my life and from my experiences. Yes, they may sometimes just look like birds on a branch, but to me, they are unrestricted. A wish.  They are Bailynn soaring from her cage. They are escape from disorders and seizures. They are hope. They really just look like birds on a branch though right!? 😉

We have had a lot of good days this week. I even got to share some sweet smiling pictures of Bailynn loving on Hamish (aka Ham) and watching movies with her sisters. We have left the house and had no tears. We have enjoyed the growing warmer temperatures and made future plans! The days are getting better again. It wasn’t till we got to sigh a deep breath of relief that we realized just how long this year has been with her back issues. It has been a long year. It has smashed us down and made us scrape back up.  May this next one be much improved!

We head to Cincinnati in a little over a week to talk meds and kidneys. We are still waiting on her back brace.

For Her.

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