Some of my Favorite Bailynn Posts(more to come).IMG_1143

Here are some of my Favorite Bailynn Posts. I just wanted to Highlight a few…..there are so many. I’ll post more as I go through them.

our chipped bird

April 15, 2013

People are often asking me how Bailynn is doing. Honestly, not a lot has changed. Her kidneys fill up with angiomyolipomas, her seizures have remained steady for years, her back shows every piece of hardware in it, she’s “super-model” skinny but her happiness level is high, our trips to the doctors are fewer and fewer (by choice) and she will turn 13 in a matter of weeks (On May 11th)!

If anything, she can prove any doctor wrong. She can make organs work that seemingly shouldn’t. She can function at much higher level than a neurologist says her brain should be capable of. She can when all they could say is can’t.

This year is big, because this is the year doctors throughout her life have said she would never make it to. Her 13th year was thought to be an unattainable goal, but here it is….days away. She will see her teenage years and for everyone that was skeptical I can assure them that she will do it with a smile on her face and sand in her wheels. That’s right, for our little fighter we are venturing to the beach for the big day and to visit the famous dolphin, Winter, for the second time. For those who don’t have Facebook, i’ll try to remember to post some pictures on here of our adventure. If you do have Facebook and you’re not friends with me, friend me. It’s under

Now on to my story of a life moment…

I think our family has been in Kirklands on the east side of evansville all of twice. The girls are really just at an age that a store full of figurines and glass vases doesn’t scare me to death.

We were browsing around, not really looking for anything, when I spied these sweet little ceramic birds.

We love birds at our house. I should say that we love outside birds; not in our house lol! We’ve had the joy of trying to remove birds from our home and it is not a fun job!

Bailynn has an awesome bird feeder hanger outside her window and we have a few other little statues of birds about.

Well, these little birds caught me eye. They were so sweet and there was this one little blue one. The rest were yellow, red, even green, but only one blue. I picked it up and noticed a chip on it’s side. Not big, but a chip and I went to the service desk to see if there was another little bird without a chip in blue. I stood in the middle of Kirklands holding this little chipped bird and waiting when the clerk said that the computer showed that there should be a few more blue birds throughout the store and that I would just have to look around. She started to grab for the chipped bird and a moment of panic struck me. What would become of this little bird? He was sweet and blue. The only thing wrong with him was the little chip.I should tell you that Bailynn was sitting right next to me and I looked over at her, my little chipped bird. I shook my head and bought that little chipped bird, because he was perfect in his own right. His chip made him special – different from all the other little birds. I don’t want a perfect bird, he’s fine. He now sits on a shelf above my TV with his little chip showing. A reminder that his imperfection gave him a standout presence. The clerk smiled as I was checking out and looked at Bailynn and said, “it looks like this little chipped bird has found the best home.” Absolutely!

For Her, Bobbi

The story of sisters:
Now I need to share a moment with our friends and family.

In the late fall early winter, Isobel lost a tooth. With her tooth she left a simple note asking for a “wishing bag.”

Bob and I had no idea what a wishing bag was and ignored it. A few weeks went by and one day we gathered around a table at our favorite restaurant, qdoba, and bowed our heads to pray.

When done Isobel made a comment about not receiving a wishing bag from the tooth fairy. So here was our moment, “What is a wishing bag?”, we asked. Isobel’s statement, “You write your wish on a piece of paper and you place it in the bag. Than your wish comes true.”

This is intriguing. Bob and I are all ears as we both ask what she would wish for. She’s a 10 year old girl. She’s dying to go to Paris. She loves the beach, Disney, she has grand ideas of living in a castle and being a princess – she’s 10.

All she wishes for, “I wish sissy could walk and talk like me.”

That’s all. My 10 year old who could wish for the stars – anything her heart desired – and that would be her wish. Arwyn chimes in, “Me too! Wouldn’t’ it be cool to talk to sissy.”

My eyes welled up with tears and my heart with pride. We are raising some amazing young women. All the wishes in the world…….

I just had to share….it was a moment.

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