So, this morning I got up and took care of my furry family. I was about to start my ritualistic morning pot of coffee when I heard Bailynn go into a seizure in her room. This is the last thing she needs to be doing with her back in the state that it is in. She went on and on in the seizure…they really aren’t that long, but when you watch you child, it is eternity. I checked her back – still horrible. Still awful. Still heart breaking. Still LEAKING! Oozy gross leaking. I placed a fresh gauze, changed her diaper and went back to the pot (this is a must in the morning). While my coffee was brewing I blended up her food and added the dinosaur bottom – oh, Antibiotic. I meant antibiotic. I added all her other meds that she can still take as well. When I got back to her room she had rolled just enough to try and scratch the place on her back and shifted herself off the fresh gauze. Thank goodness she was laying in a position in which she could not truly reach it.  I put her back where she started, gave her her cup, and went to pour me my heavenly warm liquid. When I went to retrieve her cup she had successfully sloshed her breakfast all over her walls, face, bedding, and pillows. I have done so much bedding laundry lately that I don’t bother with putting them away. I just fold them and set them on her chair to be used again. She needs a shower, but I will wait for Bob to come home to do that. I have been doing it alone and it just scares me that I am going to see the glimmer of metal coming out of that hole in her back, so far I haven’t. I still have the bag by the door, it is my way or warding off the need to use it. It has now been 11 days of her in her bed trapped in this house. Bob and I both agree that once she is mended, we are going out! The movies, target, dinner, we don’t care – somewhere. I can’t wait to be able to get her in the pool! It has been so warm! I can’t wait for her to be able to sit in her chair in the family room again and be part of our family’s everyday events again. This is a selfish want as well, because it will help with the bedding issues. She is not nearly as messy and disgusting in her chair as she is in her bed. Still no word from a doctor about what our next move is. Still no visible healing, just looks as it did the last time I took photos. Still waiting. At least she still hasn’t had a fever. She is still eating and pipes are working. She seems happy and content despite her entrapment in her room. Hopefully that continues.

For Her.

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