Last night…..

Bob called me and told me that he was going to have to work very late due to overtime and some equipment he had to look at. I sat the girls down for a family meeting and laid out our evening. First, I really needed to give Bai a shower and change her bedding. At that time I would look at her back, take pics and change the gauze. Second,  I would collect all their clothing for showers and have the rest of them hop in the showers as I was making dinner and moving laundry. Third, I explained that daddy would not be home before bedtime and that I would tuck them in and daddy would hug, kiss, and pray with them when he got home. I then asked if there were any questions about this plan. Of all my kids Naomi is the most non-attentive to what is going on around her, at least I thought, she seems to dance and sing to her own beat. She irritates all her sisters, cause she knows exactly which buttons to push and when. She is hysterical and fun loving, but often has a hard time integrating into everyone else’s plans because she just doesn’t care what they are doing or would like to simply take over. So what happened next shocked me most. Naomi, with a glint of tears in her eyes, asked how Bailynn was. Hmmm, well, Bailynn still isn’t great. I hadn’t looked at her back since the morning, but Naomi had heard me off and on all day talking and seen me emailing doctors. Isobel chimed in, “How is sissy?! Do you realize we have not left home in almost 2 weeks!?” Yes, little ladies of the house, I have realized we haven’t left our home in two weeks (as of today). Rocket has sat firmly in her spot in the garage and the shoes have stayed tucked in their baskets. We have swam, played, done school work, watched movies, had friends over, had piano lessons at home, and went on with life as much as we can, but we have not left. Bailynn has now laid in her bed for two weeks only getting up for taking shower or having her sheets change. I realize all this. I would have believed more so than them, but again – no.
I told Isobel that she was correct, we hadn’t left. I explained that Bailynn’s back really doesn’t look tremendously better and that we just simply can’t take her anywhere till the skin is completely healed (whenever that may be). I told them that their friends (and mine) are coming tomorrow to swim (DON’T RAIN!) and that my cousin from AL is coming Saturday with her crew to swim and hang out (DON’T RAIN!!). Sunday is Father’s Day and we will celebrate in the morning and then I have a project for JoElle Elise Design that afternoon (more to come on that later). I asked them if at some point this weekend, in-between all that scheduled fun, if they wanted me to take them somewhere – just to get out. Naomi spoke first. “NO!!” Isobel, “NO!” Arwyn, “We don’t leave till sissy can!” Lila, “Nope, we go when she can go!” Tears people – pure simple tears. WE ARE A TEAM! They won’t leave her. They won’t go until she can. They see her suffer like no one else does. We even talked about how boring it must be for Bai to have to stay in her room. I asked them how they would feel if they had to lay in their beds for two weeks and do nothing else. Silence. Sadness. Realization. We are truly in this life together making it work as best we can and loving Bailynn with all our hearts. So we go nowhere till she can. The terms are set. They are firm. Bailynn’s sisters are here for her – always. Love in the simplest of forms.
Bai’s back does look better. The leaking seems to have slowed. I took away her pillow away yesterday and she is now laying completely flat in her bed. I love hate this. She now can’t see her iPad to watch her shows as well (she’s totally been binge watching lately), but it seems to be helping her back. The skin needs to mend… has to mend!! We have been instructed to start a second round of antibiotics, Bob will pick them up on his way home today and Bai’s orthopedic surgeon wants to see us in Mid July if she can make the trip. We got an order to run a culture on the drainage, but that will only be done once she is off the antibiotic for a bit and if the drainage continues, her doc believes running it right now would be askew due to the antibiotics she’s been on for 2 weeks….a semblance of a plan. I needed that. The girl’s plan once this is resolved, well they say it consists of going to see the new “Inside Out” Disney movie. Hopefully soon. For now we stay, for her, and wait.

Arwyn's Drawing of Bailynn
Arwyn’s Drawing of Bailynn
Thanks for the continued prayers, love and support. WE ALL appreciate it!!

For Her.

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