We drove up to Indy last evening, after saying goodbye to our furry bunch, and tucked into our hotel room. Happy spring break to this homeschooling crew. Sleep eluded us and I will admit that we stayed up way later than we ever do watching the food network and trying to get through the night. Morning came and we arose, unrested, dressed and loaded back into rocket. Bai by this point knew what was about to happen, maybe not to the degree, but she knew. So here we are. Sitting in the waiting room. Waiting. Nurses coming and go with other family’s reports. A screen flickering info. Murmurs fill the room. Now to just get her out. Now to get this over. Now to recover.

She went back right after 7 and surgery started at 8. Surgery, best case, will last around 3 hours. Recovery 1 hour. Then to ICU if she loses too much blood, regular room if she doesn’t. I’ll update again when it is over and she is in her room.  (note how rotten sylvia looks, but how Bai keeps her close! her new one is in the bag for later!)

For Her.

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