It has been nearly a month since I have found time to sit down and update on Bailynn and our family. I have been super busy with my little graphic design business, 5 Pink Peonies, and our family is enjoying the warm summer weather in our pool. We celebrated my husband’s 40th bday and, the next day, 17 years of marriage (21 years of us). The last month has been a relief from stress with a side of fresh worries.  I have tried to start a post a few times, but I find myself angry typing – yes, that is a thing.

So, Bai. Bai has a UTI AGIAN! Not only that, but she is on her second round of antibiotics in an attempt to treat the STUPID thing! We got the fabulous news 2 days after her Bday when she had labs drawn and a culture done. Her bum is roughed up from the meds and diaper rash cream runs dry quickly here. I feel like she is in an uphill battle with these things and she can’t take her Tuberous Sclerosis treatment while taking antibiotics! So after months and months of back issues, no meds, and finally healing from surgery, we are back to no meds cause of these chronic UTI’s. (insert childish kicking and screaming here!)
Bai has been referred to a urologist in Cincinnati to discuss this continual issue, but I know there is no fix for the actual problem. She has to wear a diaper and that simply complicates things. We go June 29th (happy bday Aunt Debbie, Bai gets to be poked and prodded on your day!). She will have some testing done and see an urologist for the first time in over 4 years (we won’t get into why today – that is a long and different story that sent us searching for new care and lead us directly to Cincinnati). They requested all of her urine cultures, analysis, and ultrasounds from the last year. Bai’s pediatrician’s nurse had to fax 32 pages to send all that info!!!! 32! Can you say we have a UTI problem!!! This didn’t happen till we solved her constipation problem, I don’t know which I’d prefer, but it seems we can only fix one…

The girls started their first day of school yesterday. It is so nice to get back to school work after a two month break. The definition that it gives to our day is almost relieving. I can’t believe that Isobel is in full blown freshman school work (though she did do some freshman work last school year), Arwyn is rocking out 7th grade and the twins are smooth sailing into third. Where did the time go?! How are they this big!? Bai would be a JUNIOR in High School! WHAT! No really! WHAT!? I just can’t.

We need these UTI’s to lose and leave -for good!  We need back on the meds that help Bai’s body fight her condition. Summer is in full swing and we are ready for it! Now for Bai to feel as ready for it as us! Last summer was a bust, we have some make up to do!

For Her.

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