Bear with me as I go through rebranding my website to You will see the logo and look change over the next bit. I still have the domain and if you put that into the web search box, you will still land here. I’m really doing it for business purposes as my business grows and grows and I simply do not want to manage 2 different websites. I have worked with some really amazing organization, business, individuals, and brides this year and last. I am humbled by the outpour of kindness and love for my merchandise and designs.

So, have you missed me? I have missed you. I have thought a lot about writing to all of you, so many things to tell, but not enough time to do it. This is going to feel like a short novel. We will start with last year, fall. We need to get caught up.

Our family got a much needed vacation and then returned to reality. Life. Bai has continually been in a great mood since the rods were removed last March. Though not every car ride has been fabulous lately. She tires of the car quickly, because of her back, we will return to that.

So we returned home from the beach, and dove back into our tree-tastrophe drama. It really wasn’t till December that all the repairs were done and our lives could take a deep breath from dealing with this ongoing situation. Yesterday I spent time trying to enter all of losses into our tax information. This is going to take forever, but I will do it! But of course this is us, so as one thing is resolved, another issue rears it’s head.

Our beautiful little beagle, Norbert, that we got in July, was having ongoing issues with peeing in the house. It was obvious he wasn’t trying to do it. He didn’t even squat. Urine literally falls out of him, just as he is walking! (Just so you know, we are now well known at the vet’s office.) Norbert was diagnoses with Acute Renal Disease. His renal function is actually pretty close to Baiynn’s. He also has multiple birth defects in his renal area. He has a tumor in his bladder and his bladder lacks the elasticity to expand. He is now on a few medications to help maintain his kidney function and urine acidity. Yup, you read that right, we are medicating our dog. He also wears the cutest little velcro diapers, because I simply don’t have the will power to continually clean up tinkle and babies live inside (don’t judge – I see you judging!). He has been going to dog training, at K9 University, and doing really really well. He is the sweetest little dude and honestly couldn’t have landed a better family for his situation. When faced with decisions on how to go forward with his disease, we never hesitated to do what needed to be done for him. He is our family and Bailynn loves him. So, he is in. He is one of us.
Our little dachshund, Hamish, was cleared of his HeartWorm diagnosis that he got in August, in December, after expensive and dangerous treatments. We found that out during the tree incident. Good news for our family …….so then, 3 days before Christmas we rushed our, nearly 9 year old Jack Russell, Bridget, to the vet. She was having some issues and had to have an emergency hysterectomy. Do you see why the vet knows us? We are that family. 2016 was our year of crazy dog medical issues and trees falling. GOODBYE 2016!! Hope the door didn’t hit you in the, well you know.

So the calendar rolled, with us all sick and Christmas gone. 2017 was a chance to renew the crazy. A fresh start, why do we always think this? It is just another day with a different number, no different than the last. Our major concern, for the last few months, has been Bai’s back. The curvature is increasing at an insane pace and what are we to do?!?! No really, do you have any ideas!? We went to see her pediatrician last week to discuss some minor ongoing issues and to get some re-referrals to doctors, that I had let lapse too long. I showed her Bai’s back. At least Bob and I are not the only ones who look at it with pain and heartbreak. It is so bad. She wants us to see the orthopedic surgeon ASAP. I called and made an appointment to see him next week. We roll. We actually roll almost every 2 weeks for the next 2 months, to catch up on doctors we have not seen in years. The plan? Do I dare say I want the rods back. Do the words have the right to even come out of my mouth? Can I also say, “NEVER PUT THOSE RODS BACK IN MY BABY!” I love them. I hate them. I want them. RUN!!! This is my brain! How can she live like this?! We have done this 2 times and it has failed miserably! How can my heart ache for them to go back as bad as it does? Our hope is that he has some option, some idea to help. Hopes. Dreams. She needs something before this progresses more. She can’t live with her back caving in on her organs at this rate.

There is the update. Horrible right. Very summed up. You are welcome. Sorry. My brain hurts most days reeling over all this. I will say it is a relief to share it and a burden to pass it along. Sometimes I simply don’t update, cause I don’t know how to start and how to not bum the world out. Bai is amazing and despite her back and her relentless fight with tuberous sclerosis, yesterday was a good day, today is a good day and so will be tomorrow. That is how we move. It is good. It is well.

For Her.

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