Disney World, never dull, always magical. We headed out for Disney a little over a week ago to celebrate Bailynn’s 15th birthday. We had a car full of excited little girls and to-the-ceiling-stuff. It wasn’t until we arrived at Disney that the magical feeling fell away as I attempted to check us into our rooms. Now, this is not our first trip and it will not be our last. We have had marvelous vacations and disappointing vacations to Disney. This one started to feel like it was going to crash head on into the disappointing category.
Back in December Bob and I sat up one night and made all the arrangements. I called and talked to a Disney booking agent that was kind and helpful. I explained to her that on our last trip (nearly 3 years ago) our rooms were not done correctly. I told her the girls ended up all pilling into a king sized bed, though that was fun for them at the time it wasn’t going to work this time. I was assured that we would get connecting rooms with queen size beds and that one if not both would be handicap. It was noted that in the past we had issues with this and not to mess up our room reservations. I even called back and added one day to our vacation in January and again was reassured that our room specifications would be met. Upon arrival, this was not the case. I found myself at the counter shaking in anger at the brink of tears as the girl told me that I could take 2 “normal” connecting rooms or get 2 adjacent rooms with one being handicap.
So, vacation separately and be able to bathe Bailynn or get the connecting rooms and struggle to try to bathe her all week. I was livid, but  pulled together. I accepted this little minions terms and headed out to rocket. I had to collect myself and then called Disney Customer Service. Winston answered. Winston did not know his day was about to take a very big turn. Winston had to listen to me spill out all the information that was just given to me. I tried to tell Winston that these options were simply unacceptable. We were spending over 5K to be there. We had had similar issues in the past. I told him that Bai was turing 15 on Monday and how we had brought her there to Celebrate her life. The girl who is living on borrowed time may not get to return, we don’t know. We may never get to return, we don’t know! God has given us 15 years, who says we get 16 or 17. With the cost along, it will be at least 3 years before we can go again, will Bailynn?
I cried. I did. I tried so hard to keep my composure and explain how upset I really truly was. This is suppose to be Magic. This is DISNEY!  God put Winston on that phone call, I know it. He listened to the crazy lady from Indiana and when I told him FIX IT! He did. He upgraded us from our Moderate Resort of Port Orleans Riverside to a Deluxe Resort, Saratoga Springs, with a 2 bedroom suite. It had a kitchen and a washer and dryer. I can’t tell you how amazing it was. We have stayed in rooms like this in the past and they are very costly. Winston gave us a piece of magic back. He apologized and within about 2 hours had everything rerouted and fixed up for us at no extra charge along with some added fast passes for our park days. Day one, check. Winston is our Hero!
I know a lot of people don’t like Disney and think it costs way too much money. It takes the average family years to save for one trip. It averages 1K per person to go. Even people professing to have cheap ways to go, are simply skimping on Disney. But Bai loves it…I mean she LOVES IT!! You have never seen this kid smile so much – ever! anywhere! She simply is in ecstasy for a week! She giggles and blows spit filled raspberries. She can’t peal her eyes off all the dazzling attractions and decor. It is eye candy for her soul. It just is. So, we go and we don’t complain, cause Disney is an experience and if you are willing to save and sacrifice to go, do (I will share in a future post about our sacrifices and contract with the girls). My one piece of advice is don’t go during peak season. Don’t go at Christmas, Spring Break, Fall break, Thanksgiving and most of the summer. Find a calendar for off peak season and go then. You won’t complain about lines or crowds – I promise. Here are just a few shots of Bailynn in Disney. Enjoy. I will share more stories later this week.

For Her.

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