Bailynn went from not sleeping, screaming, throwing up, not wanting to eat, to just fine. The magic potion? No more valium! Really! It seems the valium was just too much for her tummy and once it went away, she improved almost immediately. She still loathes her cast – I don’t blame her! Showers are a mess and the count down is to just 2 weeks! She will be so excited to get this cast off, as will I! I also took some time to sit with a bucket of sharpies and decorated her cast – she tolerates my shenanigans well. She gets compliments on her cast everywhere we go now! If you got to have it, rock it!

The booster campaign was quite a success. We raised enough to pay down existing medical loans significantly. I plan to do some more designs in my etsy shop, 5PinkPeonies, as ready-to-ship items. I’m working on pricing and seeking the best manufacturers. I’ll keep everyone posted as to when they go live. I also need to figure out shipping as well.

For Her

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