Our journey has had its good and bad updates, its hard moments to swallow and get through. Today, I get to share a little bit of joy. I tiny furry bit of love.

In an effort to find some Christmas joy and a some much needed snuggle love, our family went on the scouting expedition for a new furry friend for Miss Bailynn, well let’s be honest, for us all! The loss of Bess and Charlie, so close to one another, sends me to tears just thinking about it still. Our beloved pets, family members really, have gone to heaven and we are left to mourn them. I know! We have 3 other little bouncing, loving dogs (thanks to Bess and Charlie), but the bond that Bess and Bai shared was not there with them. They all have always known that Bai’s bed and Bai’s love was reserved for our Bess, and now they leave it vacant – possibly in honor of, but most likely because the years have taught them,  Bai’s bed was off limits because of Bossy Bess. So, last weekend our family made a trip to Pet Smart to gander at all the little sad homeless doggies – Mistake?, not this time. Though we had perused the aisles filled  with dogs and found a few possibilities, it wasn’t until we were preparing to leave that our eyes locked with a little scraggly wire haired dachshund quietly sitting in a crate. He had just been brought in. We were on our way out. You could see Bob pressing us to move forward, but this little dog called to us. Now let us all giggle together – his name…..Robby (that would have to change!). In a building full of chaos, he sat quietly. When he was gotten out, he nestled and loved on the girls and Bai, stealing their hearts respectfully. Of course you have to ask the questions, where is he from, why is he here, how old is he, is he housebroken. The answers are heartbreaking and as follows.

This sweet little demeanored dog had just been rescued from a shelter  ,that does kill animals, on the Wednesday before. They didn’t have a lot of previous knowledge of his background due to his location. He was owner surrendered, but non-the-less sentenced to die if not adopted. The ladies of PAAWS saved him. He got a second lease on life.

We left, without him, came home and discussed him. I called and asked to do a trial run with him after he had his man-business-removal surgery Wednesday. Yesterday, he came home. I found myself a tearful mess  on the way home with him. My thoughts were with Bess and Charlie. If they hadn’t died, if they hadn’t left, this little man would not have ever even been on our radar.

The girls and I sat and ordered new personalized collars for all of our dogs yesterday off ETSY for Christmas. We took time to select the perfect fabrics for each family member, including our new one. Adoption won’t be finalized till Sunday, but he is ours. He immediately snuggled next to Bailynn in her bed. He immediately befriend his new adoptive doggy siblings. He fell right into line. So, in honor of Bess and Charlie, in honor of their loving home that they were so lucky to live in for many years, we would like to introduce – Hamish Walter. A big name for a little guy with a second chance at life. He may never get to meet the 2 dogs that broke our hearts and opened a place in our home, but they are the reason our hearts are so big. They taught love and loss to 5 little girls and 2 parents. They were our family and now Hamish has one too!

Isn’t he the cutest!!!???!?

For her

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