Bai never gets a break. This past week she was stricken with a small cold her sisters lovingly shared with her – sense the sarcasm? Of course, she, unlike her sisters, could not clear the stupid thing! So off to the doctor we went and Bai is on another round of antibiotics. She is miserable. Snot and Bailynn are far from friends. She throws up all the time. She screams when she is not throwing up. It is awful. We bumped her daily breathing treatments up and are pumping her full of cough syrup and tylenol as soon as the next dose can be taken. Tis the season! Right!? Sheesh. So, we will roll into Thanksgiving sick…praying for it to quickly go away, but as of now, it has been over a week. The other girls breezed through this little bump of a cold, but the repercussions of such a small thing just linger with Bailynn. This is why it is so important to keep her healthy and away from others that are ill. Bai’s body just can’t recover. She doesn’t cough deep enough, she can’t blow her nose, and she can’t clear any gook. She suffers. We all suffer. Her UTI meds are up and we will have to wait till the one for her sinus gunk is out before we can re-screen for a UTI again. Then hopefully the meds for her TS! Hopefully!!!! It seems like an eternity since she has been able to take them.

Praying for wellness.

For Her.

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