I need to rant for a minute.

11 years ago Bob and I paid for home modifications for Bailynn. We put in laminate floors, ramps, put her a bedroom on the first floor and gutted our bathroom to make a roll in shower. This all went beautifully.
Let me express that no one helped us do this. There is no agency that pays for special needs people to just have their home modified. If you are lucky, and they receive medicaid later or waiver, you can request certain modifications (there is a cap on how much), within a budget, time frame and with their specified providers.
At the time we did these mods, she had nothing. Today I sit here, torn, knowing there is nothing I could do, Bob could do, but upset. We noticed some issues with our beautifully tiled shower not long ago. Grout cracking at first. Quickly repaired. Grout cracking again. Repaired. Again. Repaired. Caulked. Again. Again.  Bob crawled under the house, folks, we have sprung a leak! Wet everywhere. Wood ruined. Mold. I could barf. Done. A pipe is broke. Not so broke that we could notice immediately, but broke enough to require an overhaul with its small EVIL leak. Our amazing contractor is in the know. We have a plan to gut and redo. First we have to make our upstairs bathroom good for Bai, or she goes without a bath till her shower is rebuilt and that is just not going to work. Bai goes from clean to homeless in 24 hours.
Of course I submitted this all to our home owners insurance, but DENIED. It is a “long term leak” and therefor not covered. If it had been upstairs, we would have caught it! We would have FIXED IT! Do you crawl under your house regularly!? WE DON’T! That is where the spiders live. The gross inhabits. The dark lingers. NO. THANK. YOU!
One more thing for the Hammonds’ Family. We “get” to gut our shower. I hate insurance.
Rant done.
Do we ever get a break??????

For her – and her cleanliness!

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