The last few months have been very stressful and thank you for coming along for the ride with us. We have watched Bailynn’s rods and her back go from bad to good, good to bad and bad to good over and over again. So, when the nurse called yesterday and we finalized the surgery date to remove them, it was a bitter sweet moment.

Many of you remember that I started this endeavor, of sharing Bailynn’s story with the world, when these rods were placed and started to reek havoc years ago. Here we are still talking about these DUMB rods! If you haven’t read all we went through initially with the rods, the entire story unfolds in the course of a few months under the tab “Bailynn” June of 2008 are the first entries – August is where this all beings to go bad. These rods have been such an emotional experience. Rereading some of my former entries from that time period dredge up all those memories and fears. Bai came so close to death. Bai has survived so much, but it always feels like for every step we take we get thrown two steps back.

March 7, 2016. This is the date that will change things from then forward. We will have to be at the hospital crazy early and surgery will begin at 7:30am. If by chance something catastrophic happens prior to this date, we will have to push surgery up, but for now, March 7th. She will be incarcerated in hospital prison for 3-4 days, a short stent in my opinion.

My positive thoughts today are that maybe she will be in less discomfort after this procedure. She often has, what we call, waves of pain and outbursts of crying, screeching, and over all unhappiness. Though a lot of it has to do with her hip, I know some has to be related to her back and her doctors agree. Infection localized right where it is, has to be uncomfortable. Right now she has a terrible rash on her poor little bottom and the nights are filled with her crying and screaming. The days are filled with her crying and screaming. Having to wear a diaper at 15 is the WORST!

Bai will only need 2 units of blood for this surgery, which is awesome! Her brain surgery in 2001 required 6! Her grandfathers are more than enough for this donation amount, relief! The coordination of the blood donation is now the trick that the doctor’s office needs to pull off. I found out that only around 7% of the world has O- blood like Bai and our dads!  Wow! Of course I looked up my blood type, A-, only 6% of the world has my blood type! Shut up! We are rare birds 😉 Haha! Lila and Arwyn have the same blood type as me and Isobel and Naomi are the same as Bai. Bob stands alone with his O+ blood. Do you know all your family’s blood types?! Just us, continually, surgery bound folks?! A funny thought durning these crazy days.

So now to arranging puppy care, packing, place to stay and much more for that time period. March 7th, here we come.

For Her.

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