I took Bai this morning and got her hair whacked real short. The girl who cuts her hair did a fabulous job, though I still don’t like it this short. It is best for it to be completely out of the way prior to surgery Monday, so it went. Sad. Gone. I remember when I could put her hair in pigtails and cute little buns, those day went when Bailynn’s back became such a repetitive issue.

I finally took time and packed us for the hospital yesterday. I did this after multiple conversations with the surgeons assistant and his nurse. I have had to email a bunch of fresh images of Bai’s back to them. Her back just looks awful. (I have added a link below to see, if you chose.) I would wager to say that it looks worse than it did last summer when this all started happening. We are still shooting for Monday, but everyone is on high alert in Indy for Bailynn’s arrival at anytime now.

Yesterday, after taking time to pack 7 people, finally look at what all I need to accomplish, and do some work, Bai’s new Tom’s Sandals arrived in the mail! We love the Tom’s sandals for her! They aren’t heavy, they fit well, despite her feet being 2 drastically different sizes. She tolerates them without squawking at us, and I can alter them to work! Here is this years model! I took time to hand stitch cute neutral green flowers with a light-pink gem button in the middle for bling! This disguises the fact that her feet are 2 different lengths. She’s going to love them. She loves her sparkly Tom’s too, light weight shoes are fabulous! The girl just loves her shoes! I had to share, cause these turned out really cute this year!

Bai's Toms


If you want to see how Bai’s back is looking, here it is, BE WARE! These images are GRAPHIC! They are not for those of us with weak constitution or faint of heart! They are heartbreaking and sad to see!!! CLICK HERE——>Bai’s Back Feb 2016 You don’t have to look,it’s ok. I have a hard time looking at it everyday, but this is my everyday. This is my job.

For Her.

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