To say Bailynn is doing fabulous is an understatement. She barely whimpered over night. She struggled with some potty issues, but they resolved. She had her back drain removed. She just gave her doctor a dirty look – didn’t flinch or cry. She has been in and out of sleep, has ate some applesauce and a small amount of her food. She has shook her toys, watched movies, and giggled! She GIGGLED! She hasn’t thrown up – not once! She hasn’t been in severe pain. She is cut from neck to butt, she isn’t screaming! She is going home tomorrow, if she can sit up and tolerate it in the morning, which I don’t foresee her having any issue with.

I just can’t believe how lovely this event has been.

Time definitely moves slower in this place. This day has stretched on for at least a week. When dinner time arrived, it was a relief – finally. When the girls headed back to the hotel with Bob, I could see the light shimmering at the end of this hospital trip tunnel. We have had fabulous nurses, staff, and experience with our doctor and communication. We have had a healthy stream of company. We get to go home tomorrow – yay! 🙂  We have never had a hospital/surgery experience like this….EVER! Bai has a flare for the drama, this is way too laid back for her!

Right now she is, you guessed it, grinding her TEETH!! My head, my poor head, hurts hearing her do this over and over. She is happily watching Finding Nemo on her iPad, she squealed when she realized which movie it was, she loves this movie! Maybe she will be well enough to go see Finding Dory in the theater!?!?! She use to love the theater. She loves movies, but lately, she can’t endure the duration. She has been so uncomfortable, that is why my baby is doing so well. She has found relief! It took a giant incision down her back, but the ease in her gaze and her lack of suffering shows. This was exactly what she need done. It took us months to get here. We doubted many steps along the way to this decision, but here we are and wow. Just wow.

If all goes as planned, Bai will be released after lunch time tomorrow, but we will have  a long trip ahead of us to get her home and into her bed. Prayers for her to get through this jaunt. May the drugs that help control the pain defend her as we jostle and roll her all the way back to southern Indiana. Then maybe I can sleep – still waiting for that.

Lila update. Lila got her tooth removed at Riley today. She did great! The root on it was huge! She made the comment that the tooth looked like a dinosaur bone haha! We come back in 4 weeks to have a spacer placed in her mouth to prevent the other teeth from smooshing in on the space her teeth will need when they can come in – we have post op for Bai on this day as well. I’m impressed with my children’s resilience and their ability to see the difference between a small procedure and a big one. Bob and I are raising tough cookies.

For Her.

Bai Watching Finding Nemo – pure bliss. “Just Keep Swimming!”Bai watching NEmo.JPG

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