We made it home!!!! Happy Hammonds Family here! We have got some hugs & licks in with our missed furry family, I have rolled 2 loads of laundry, ran to the grocery store, and watched the girls leap around in joy. Home is our favorite place! To think I spent another sleepless night on a hospital “sofa” last night, Bailynn was hooked up to machines as of this morning and nurses were in and out. Home seems quiet and comfortable.

Bai did fabulous again over night. She didn’t wake up, she didn’t cry, she didn’t have seizures or throw up. This morning her doctor came in and gave us scripts to fill in Indy so we wouldn’t have to wait at home for pain meds. Bob had to run around a bit, but he got the meds as I packed up the hospital room and the girls enjoyed a movie with Bai – as she sat in her wheelchair! She sat so well too! She didn’t flinch when I moved her. The only thing that has made her cry was them removing the tape to take out the IV. That was what was upsetting to her! She is still in and out of it because of the pain meds. She is only eating a fraction of what she normally eats. She doesn’t really care about toys or entertainment, but Finding Nemo warmed her heart again when we arrived home and she got tucked into her cloud-fluff bed. She peeks through her slitted eye lids to watch and dozes on and off. Now she’s watching Emperor’s New Groove and sipping on a banana-strawberry smoothy.

We got out of the hospital right before 12:30 and home right around 4. Bai, I should say all the girls, did great on the trip home. Bai slept or gazed at us with her mouth agape throughout the whole trip. She didn’t make a peep, even when we hit rough road areas and pot holes.

I got her an appointment to go and get fitted for a new clam-shell on March 28th, it will take about a month to get. She will need to wear it as her back heals, improves, and strengthens. PT was thrown out as an option. We are hoping we can do more work with her in our pool and hot tub this summer – she has got to utilize them so little with all the back drama after the last months.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital called today to see how she was doing post surgery. They want her to wait around 30 days and then resume her med for Tuberous Sclerosis control. It has been an eternity since Bai has been able to consistently take this medication. I am looking forward to getting her back on it and getting our lives back to “normal” or whatever normal was before all this began last June. We will head to Cincinnati in about 8 weeks most likely. I want her back good and healed and to have a few weeks under her belt with the meds. They will look at her kidneys at that time. We haven’t seen their status since last March, who knows what is going on in there.

I will admit, this all seems to have gone way too well. I feel like at any moment a big “gotcha” sign will fall from the sky. Has Bailynn finally caught a break? Could it be this simple? It is never simple! It is never this easy! She is due, a million times over, but never gets to cash in. I’ve taken to planning the future again. Thinking about projects for the yard, the idea of possibly getting to go on a vacation this fall, and trying to not get sucked to deep. We still have to heal. Step 1 – heal. Step 2 – burn any “gotcha” signs that fall from the sky!

Tonight we get to rest, at home, the peace and joy in that is beyond words. Thank you for your continued prayers. Thank you for your endless support and love. Thank you for coming along for the ride. Thank you for loving a little girl that makes a big stamp on this little world. May God show his plans through her to all who come and join us on this adventure. Bailynn is a rockstar (Don’t tell her! I tease that she may ask for her grapes to be peeled and to be fanned by banana leaves from this date on if she hears! 😉 )

For Her.

dory for Bai

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