We have made it to Friday and Bai is still doing fabulous! She ate full meals today, we have weened her off her pain meds gradually today to see how low a dose and how long she can make it – long and low. The incision is still covered with a long bandage that we need to remove, but we are opting to attempt that tomorrow and after a dose of pain medications, cause it’s going to be evil!

Today Bailynn got Dory in the mail from some awesome friends! She has snuggled it and stared it down – she’s hysterical. I think she’s waiting for Dory to talk to her. She also got a bundle of pink and purple balloons which have mesmerized her. She loves balloons. We placed them on her bed so she can look at them with her butterflies above her bed. She’s had a great day.
Bai with Dory & Balloons
She is starting to look a little homeless and in desperate need of a shower, but we have a few more days to get through before we can hose off the gross! Washcloth baths are not great. They definitely don’t do the job.

Today we all hung out, watched a mostly-terrible movie called “Strange Magic”. Really, it is quite bad. We made fun necklaces out of some of my graphics and Disney Maps we had saved from our last trip to Disney. The girls had fun picking their favorite ride or location in Disney to wear. This evening Bob and I braved a workout with all the girls (this never ceases to amuse us – we don’t have future ballerinas in our mist haha). Our week is coming to a close and it could not have went any more smoothly.

Pray tomorrow we can get this bandage off with out making Bailynn lose her mind, the bandage remains nice and dry with no new visible drainage so we aren’t terribly concerned if we can’t get it all off tomorrow. If she gets too upset, we will cease and desist. We need to get her sitting up a little more as well. She is going to be more discontent this time with less medication to buffer the large incision down her back. We still have a long road to getting her up and going again – and clean!, but we are doing great so far!

For Her

Here are our awesome Necklaces! I had to Share!

All NecklacesDisney Map Necklacesnecklaces 1

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