I dream of sleeping. I dream of laying on the ground hoping for sleep. I dream about how incredibly tired I am and I have not had massive surgery, so what does Bailynn dream about? Does she dream of operating rooms, fear, massive florescent lights and surgical masks? I have to wonder. I have to think she thinks about it. Especially the nights she screams out and when you go to her room she is dead asleep. Her mind is somewhere.

Sunday was another great day. The weather was good enough. The kids enjoyed their last day of their spring break playing and splashing in the hot tub. We were all ready to get back into school mode Monday. We have had some issues waking up with the time change and just being exhausted from last week, but over all, rolling into Monday was ok.

Monday I did my best to clean Bailynn up. She was looking so incredibly homeless. So gross – beyond gross. While cleaning her I noticed that the top of her back is swollen a bit now. The area where the goo blob was is irritated again and puffy. The surgeon says there is no reason for concern right now. We are to look for fever, discomfort and excessive drainage. So far the drainage is minimal. Her pain is under control. She went all day yesterday with no pain medication.

Last evening, she got a dose, cause she was struggling to get comfortable enough to sleep. She wanted me to sit in her room with her as she watched her Baby Einstein Videos (which she has loved for years – her favorite is Baby Shakespeare). If I tried to leave, she whined, so we sat. She sipped her drinks and I perused social media and pinterest. Around 2am I finally got to sleep. She did too.

She is struggling to sit. I typically sit her up to change her tops, but she has not been able to control her body for stability. Her back has an obvious curvature to it, but not anything like before. Bai’s back is just weak. It always has been. We are hoping that with the clam shell brace and some muscle work we can help this, but my heart breaks with her struggling to do things she could do a little over a week ago. She also has massive incision, that has to be uncomfortable when trying to sit, so I am hoping that is hindering her want to sit much more than her ability. Time will tell. We haven’t done the car, the wheelchair or even a chair since getting home. When I sit her up during the day, she sits next to me or on my lap so I can help her with stabiltiy (which is hysterical with her being huge).

Her demeanor, only a week and 2 days out of surgery, is amazing. Her appetite is ravenous. Her want to play and squeal have all returned. She is back to being happy Bai plus some, now to get her cleaned up better and out. Our first trip to Target is going to be a good one – I can feel it – that girl is going to squeal herself silly. Recovery takes time and I’m not the most accomplished in the patience department. Somethings I have the patience of steal, this not-so-much. I try. We are just hoping and praying for more good days and moving forward from this.

For Her

I decided to relaunch my Etsy shop right now rather than trying to build a new platform while Bai is recovering. I have been adding things daily. I am so thankful for the warm response and all the orders I have received! Thanks Everyone! If you want to check it out, CLICK HERE! I don’t have a lot of things there yet, but I am working on it. If there are things you have seen me make in the past you’d like to see in the shop, please let me know. I forget things, I don’t think some things are good enough, and I am my hardest critique.

Here are some of the items I have so far! Follow 5PinkPeonies on Facebook for coupons and new items!


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