The GOTCHA! sign just dropped like a boss! It couldn’t be this easy! We knew it couldn’t! Bailynn has spinal fluid leaking out her back. It is a small trickle, like  tears. It looks like her back is crying.  It has soaked her sheets and her pillow. A small trickle over time is still a lot of liquid. She doesn’t act upset, she isn’t running a fever, and her back isn’t swollen. She got to take a shower today! She finally doesn’t look homeless, but she sat in a state somewhere between joy and discomfort through the whole shower. I could tell she wanted to enjoy it, but didn’t know how. Spinal fluid leaks can make a person have terrible bad headaches. She doesn’t seem to be suffering from one right now. Really, she doesn’t look bad, but this is bad.
Indy, who of course has been having trouble with their phone lines today, is trying to track down the doctors on call. I have called all kinds of weird lines trying to get to the right people because her orthopedic’s phones are not working. Seems about right. Oh, and it ‘s the weekend, Bai’s favorite time for drama! I’ve called a friend, who is a doctor, and they confirmed it is spinal fluid and measures need to be taken. I’m back on the horn with Indy to relay the info and get a plan as to where, when and what now. The main risk for her is infection. She is so tiny. Though I see her as a tough warrior, her body is not as mighty as I would like.  I’ll update when I know what happens next.

For Her.

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