Surgery went well today. The dural tear, that was allowing for the spinal fluid leak, was at the top of her spin where the goo blob use to be. The hooks that were removed with her rods 2 weeks ago were the culprit. The doctor had to remove a small portion of her vertebra bone to get to the site that needed repair, but all went well to fix the issue. She is back in recovery and we haven’t got to see her yet, soon. They have told us she is doing very well. We will get to come home this evening, which is great, we are all exhausted! What an adventure Bailynn takes us on. We are hoping for quick and easy travels home now.

For Her.


Update: She’s in the room and doing great. She is guzzling down her juice! She’s as starving as we were!

glaring Bai

bai drinking

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.26.28 PM

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