It has been a long two days since coming home. Though Bai has slept well over night, her days have been filled with tears, screaming and discomfort. Today was a little better, but not by a whole lot. The afternoon brought some happier temperament, then we removed the top bandage cause there is a small amount of liquid on her shirt. We really need to keep an eye on the drainage amounts. She hates us.

Remember when she hadn’t cried. Remember how shocked I was that she hadn’t thrown up! Well, yesterday changed that.

Why? You may ask…Well, we did drag her straight from surgery, in the car, home. She didn’t get any more fancy iv pain meds at home, she solely is relying on liquid pain relief. Her back, healing, did have to be sliced on again and bone had to be messed with, none of this is fun thing to go through. She also lost a lot of spinal fluid, which can make you feel like poo! She has been so tough, so strong, so resilient and at 15.  So, of course she’s at a crumbing point now. Our family is tired, but truly she is exhausted. Poor little lady. And she looks massively homeless again! Vomit is not our friend!

Hopefully tomorrow brings more raspberry blowing and less wincing. Hopefully changing her diaper will get less painful. There is the update, as sad as it is. She’s not great. We are tired. Is this over yet? Oh, and Happy Easter Sunday. The calendar keeps ticking by.

For Her.

I almost forgot!! She did sit wonderfully in the car to and from Indy. No scoliosis issues during that trip! A good thing!  One fear eased.

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