Monday we went and got fitted for the back brace. I made sure Bai had plenty of pain meds in her before we took this journey, and man am I glad I did. The guy who measured her was gentle and great, but it isn’t a quick process. They could have casted her – haha  she never would have tolerated that! She did really well over all with the process. She wasn’t too keen on the ride to and fro, maybe out of fear as to what our destination was, maybe because she is still not feeling great.

I did get to give her a shower Monday morning! She looked so sparkly and clean!! Homeless GONE! She tolerate that well enough as well. She is defiantly not 100% by any means.

She then spent the evening throwing up, screaming, crying and all out mad at me. It was too much. I was too rough for her. She will have the new back brace soon, a few weeks and a new hand splint. Hopefully by then a trip out won’t be so upsetting.

We spent yesterday recovering and she napped a lot, even with company at the house.

Three weeks post rod removal, One week post dural tear repair.

We head back to Indy next week for Bai’s post op and for Lila’s dental work. I’m keeping a reserve of pain meds for that trip.  We shall see how it goes. Then we head to Cincinnati to see just what her kidneys have done over this last year. Deep breaths. It is all going to be ok…..

For Her.

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