Since the cast was removed two weeks ago, Bailynn has been in a miserable state. She was diagnosed with yet another UTI, she has spent hours screaming and crying, and she has started throwing up again due to being so upset. Her pain is distressing. Her tears are heartbreaking. We attempt all kinds of things to give her comfort and make her happy, but the pain comes in waves and when it does – she screams like CRAZY! She hurts so bad and our best guesses are as follow. She does have an UTI, so maybe that is the issue, but she has been on meds now for awhile and that should take care of pain for the most part. She did have foot surgery around 6 weeks ago and her foot is horribly swollen. She is having to wear house shoes in public because normal shoes simply won’t fit. Her poor little foot looks pitiful. Her hip is displaced and she had a enormous cast on the leg that is effected for 4 weeks. There is a good chance it threw off her hip alignment again and has created bone on bone friction in a new more painful manor. Our best guesses folks. Cause that is simply all we have to offer, guesses. To think of her having chronic pain for the rest of her life, rips my heart out. To think of her in constant misery, crushes my soul. I try so hard. It is a hard job to be a caregiver for someone 24/7 and feel so completely helpless in making them feel better. She is freshly showered this morning and sitting with her rattles, happily signing for the first time in days, and then screams. A new wave of pain. She shakes and vomit comes. How do I help?! I’m her mommy. I see it in her eyes. I should be able to fix this, she knows I can’t.
I just gave her a dose of tylenol in hopes that it helps a little. We shall see.

For Her

Shirts are available for only 2 more days!! Don’t delay in getting them! Thanks to every single person who has gotten one to show support for Bailynn! We can’t thank you enough! If you are leery of ordering online and would like me to order for you. Please email me and we will work out ordering you a shirt! #BailynnLoveTough !

Love Shirts JPEGScreen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.58.05 AM

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