11 days till surgery.

Bailynn sugery support pic JPEG

On March 7th our family will adorn our “Love” and “Tough” t-shirts, designed for Bai, in support of her going into surgery. Not only is this a visual reminder, and a way to open a conversation about Bailynn, but it is a way to remember to pray for Bailynn all day. So we would encourage/ask everyone out there to wear their shirts too! We will take this prayer chain thing one step further!

Please also pray for our four other little ladies that morning, not only will they watch their sister wheeled away again, but they will sacrifice their breakfast till she is tucked into surgery. Bai has a history of aspiration (This is vomiting while being intubated prior to surgery. The vomit then goes into the lungs and creates pneumonia, because it can’t escape the mouth. Bai has a very sensitive gag reflex.) and we don’t eat after she can’t. First of all, that is flipping mean! I know how I feel when I am hungry and her little body grumbles with tummy hunger. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30am and the surgery isn’t till 7:30am (Indy time). This is a long time to wait after waking up, but we are all doing it for Bai (please Lord let me make it to my coffee without loosing my mind!!!). Pray for us as we make this tiny sacrifice for a sweet lady that is going to be having one rotten day!


Also, Bai’s back looks terrible. I would post a pic, but it isn’t much different than a lot of the older horrible ones I have posted in the past. Her upper spine currently has the large purple/black blister formed over the protruding rods. She doesn’t seem to be that upset by it, but she is much more squirmy than normal. It is as if she is trying to get off it, but there is no real way for her to accomplish this.  11 more days. I want it to come and I don’t.

Bai shirt collage 2:24

Things are not only about to change for Bai, but they are changing for me as well. It is with a sad heart that I announce:

“As many of you know JoElle and I have been building up a business, she created, together over the last year. We have had quite the ride. We have been featured in national publications, local publications, and multiple online national blogs. We have created some beautiful photoshoots. We have busted tail getting JoElle Elise Design, LLC, out there to the world. We have rocked it out in the social media realm and have gotten so much exposure. We have done some amazing things and I am so proud of our valiant effort to make this business thrive. We have done far better than I ever imaged in the first year of a business, but sometimes that simply isn’t enough. JoElle and I have decided to part ways as business partners and she will continue to try and make this dream big enough to support her full-time. I will continue to support all the efforts she does to make that dream a reality. I will also continue to make stationery, graphic art, illustrations, and clothing through my small business 5 Pink Peonies. What does that mean for our booked brides? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They will still have the wedding of their dreams and I will still help if there is ever any need. This has been an amazing experience for me and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people. This timing couldn’t be better for me, though sad, having Bailynn’s health hanging in the wing and my life at a somewhat standstill till we know what happens next. There was nothing better than doing this with such an amazing friend, that I have grown to love as a sister, and I wish her the absolute best with this. Please help in continuing to spread the word and send brides to JoElle Elise Design, LLC, as for me, I will soon have a shop page on my website to purchase my art and invitations with all profit going towards Bailynn’s ongoing medical needs.”

It is my therapy to create and design fun illustrations, invitations, and original art work prints. My head gets a little escape from everyday activities as I dive into a new project. Take a look at my Portfolio page and if you are interested in anything, please mesessage me! I will soon be creating my “shop” page on here with all the inventory items I have to offer. Thanks for all your support over the years and ongoing prayers for Bai and our family!

For Her.


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