The date is set

Surgery date is set. Read More

Our Warrior Fatigues and Christmas Wish

Bai’s new bed arrives tomorrow and we have to clear out the “institution” bed this evening to make room for it. It will be picked up Tuesday. Bob is in the garage making new runner boards for her beautiful white bead-board bed and touching it up with a fresh coat of paint. I am so… Read More

Keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times

Thursday Bob and I went to bed early knowing that the girls and I would have a long trip ahead of us in the morning. What we didn’t know is that Bailynn would decide to have multiple seizures, vomit, her suction machine would stop working, and she would cry for most all the night resulting… Read More

A family loss and a much unwanted trip

This marks week 5. So Bailynn was trapped in the house for a little over 4 weeks before we decided to make a trip out, only because the skin has sealed back up. It has however not returned to it’s pre-swelling state. Bob and I cautiously took the girls and her to Qdoba and Sams last… Read More