Goodbye Hair

I took Bai this morning and got her hair whacked real short. The girl who cuts her hair did a fabulous job, though I still don’t like it this short. It is best for it to be completely out of the way prior to surgery Monday, so it went. Sad. Gone. I remember when I… Read More

A modern day prayer chain for Bai

On March 7th our family will adorn our “Love” and “Tough” t-shirts, designed for Bai, in support of her going into surgery. Not only is this a visual reminder, and a way to open a conversation about Bailynn, but it is a way to remember to pray for Bailynn all day. So we would encourage/ask everyone out there to wear their shirts too! We will take this prayer chain thing one step further! Read More

My Worries

Here is what has happened in the last few weeks since learning that Bai has to have her rods removed. So, I last left you knowing that Bailynn’s rods are indeed infected and will have to be removed, but the surgeon wants to wait till at least March. This is to get through cold and… Read More

Our Warrior Fatigues and Christmas Wish

Bai’s new bed arrives tomorrow and we have to clear out the “institution” bed this evening to make room for it. It will be picked up Tuesday. Bob is in the garage making new runner boards for her beautiful white bead-board bed and touching it up with a fresh coat of paint. I am so… Read More

The princess and the patient

It started after Bai got sick a little over a month ago, we saw how bad she struggles to clear mucus while laying flat. She spent days throwing up while choking on drainage in her throat and we fought to try to get her even a smidgen upright. A trip to the pediatrician for medications,… Read More