The Bandage

Bob and I successfully removed Bailynn humongous bandage from her back today and with no tears shed! Really, it was from her hairline to her booty crack! Ridiculously huge! She did fabulously! Her back looks amazing. Even with a huge incision down it, it looks awesome. There is no swelling. There are no rods poking… Read More

Tears for Tape

We made it home!!!! Happy Hammonds Family here! We have got some hugs & licks in with our missed furry family, I have rolled 2 loads of laundry, ran to the grocery store, and watched the girls leap around in joy. Home is our favorite place! To think I spent another sleepless night on a hospital… Read More

Surgery Day Part 1

We drove up to Indy last evening, after saying goodbye to our furry bunch, and tucked into our hotel room. Happy spring break to this homeschooling crew. Sleep eluded us and I will admit that we stayed up way later than we ever do watching the food network and trying to get through the night.… Read More

A modern day prayer chain for Bai

On March 7th our family will adorn our “Love” and “Tough” t-shirts, designed for Bai, in support of her going into surgery. Not only is this a visual reminder, and a way to open a conversation about Bailynn, but it is a way to remember to pray for Bailynn all day. So we would encourage/ask everyone out there to wear their shirts too! We will take this prayer chain thing one step further! Read More

The princess and the patient

It started after Bai got sick a little over a month ago, we saw how bad she struggles to clear mucus while laying flat. She spent days throwing up while choking on drainage in her throat and we fought to try to get her even a smidgen upright. A trip to the pediatrician for medications,… Read More

The Cold

Bai never gets a break. This past week she was stricken with a small cold her sisters lovingly shared with her – sense the sarcasm? Of course, she, unlike her sisters, could not clear the stupid thing! So off to the doctor we went and Bai is on another round of antibiotics. She is miserable.… Read More